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These all natural procedures improve the appearance of many skin conditions without the use of fillers, injections or surgeries
They cultivate the body's own response to induce collagen formation

Advantages of Collagen Stimulation & Rejuvenation

Process is suited for all skin types from light to dark
A natural response is induced
Top layer of the skin left intact
Little to no downtime/ Minimally invasive procedure
Cost effective when compared to alternatives
No scarring or longterm sensativity
Most any part of the body can be treated
Can safely be repeated for maximum benefit if needed
No temporary fillers used
Long lasting residual results because the body produces its own collagen

Wrinkle Reduction
Tone & Firm

Shallow to deep lines are softened
Gentle looking refinement of the skin
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Face, Neck & Declotage' Stimulation & Rejuvenation                                                                            
    Firms areas while also addressing wrinkles, large pores, pigmentation & texture       $175 1st session
                                                                                                                          $150 follow ups

Packages of 3 saves $100                                                                                      $375 for package of  3

Stretch Mark Relaxation or Body Skin Rejuvenation                                                   per quote
Free consultation - the pictures are examples, & each individual will; of course, vary  
Stretchmark Relaxation

Any area of the body can have a more even toned appearance

Scar Revision

Creates a smoother texture for such conditions such as with acne or surgery
Renew the skin & restore suppleness - Naturally